Divisions and Hierarchy of Commercial Production

Published: 05th February 2011
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Advertising is one of the most developed industries in Toronto. It is one of the key players in the city’s economy. When you switch on a television or radio, you will instantly see and hear advertisements on air. There are radio jingles and TV ads. In addition, there are print advertisements. These can be seen in newspapers, magazines, and journals. Nowadays, advertisements flood today’s websites. There are ad boxes and banners in corners of social networking sites.

Advertising agencies formulate strategies and tactics for advertisements. They assess clientele standing in the market. They examine current perception of consumers about product and services. They study promotions of their client’s competitors. They aim to increase market sales through advertising campaigns. Their main goals are to retain loyal consumers, encourage new consumers, and pursue consumers of their competitor’s market. After planning and brainstorming, they coordinate with commercial production teams for production management.

Every institution has divisions and team leaders. In advertising, agencies are divided into account managers and staffs. There are two types of account managers. The topmost position is senior account manager. The senior account manager supervises advertising account. Senior managers are assisted by junior executives. Junior executives keep track of advertising schedule. Moreover, production teams are composed of staff and crew. They make media production projects for an advertising agency’s clientele.

Commercial production teams are independent production companies. They write scripts, shoot scenes, record songs and jingles, and edit media productions. They obtain creative idea from advertising agencies, and translate advertising language into media language. Like advertising agencies, commercial production Toronto companies have divisions. They are composed of three departments. These are management, technical, and creative divisions.

Each production team has a leader. Management heads supervise in the overall production operations. Technical heads control technical aspects of production. They prepare, run, and keep production equipment. Creative heads handle copywriting and brainstorming of creative concepts. In Toronto, division heads are considered equal in the production hierarchy. They have identical powers, albeit one cannot interfere with another’s job. Commercial production Toronto companies have one production mantra: division heads have equal and distinct production responsibilities.

Toronto advertising agencies and commercial production Toronto companies play a vital role in the city’s advertising industry. They are the heart and brain of advertisements in the city. Likewise, heads, staffs, and crew serve as the hands and feet of commercial production.

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